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Happy and Healthy – Kids Thanks to Zumba

zumba-for-kidsIt’s true that mothers will only want nothing but the best for their children. As a mother myself, I find joy seeing my kids happy and achieving during their childhood. I want them to learn more than what the books offer, to experience things on their own, and to make the most of their time. However, kids these days have so many distractions that mothers like me find it difficult for them to do anything without a gadget in hand. And as the concerned and responsible mother that I am, I enrolled them in Zumba classes in Bendigo, for a change. 

Every waking moment and every bedtime, cellphones or tables are the last things my children hold.  Because of technology’s grip on them, they refuse to stand from the couch or go outside their rooms and socialize with others. No longer do they find physical hobbies entertaining as they are already best friends with their gadgets. Thankfully, I was offered Zumba classes for my kids, which I thought was a better option than online surfing. 

I no longer needed much introduction about Zumba because I, myself, take classes with my own circle of friends. Zumba is fitness program in the form of dance that integrates Latin dance steps (specifically Salsa), with aerobics, even martial arts, in the routine. Personally, I found this very appealing as it seemed a fun way of burning all the calories in my body. Truth be told, it is fun. All the instructors and my classmates dance their hearts out, not minding the sweat, but only focusing on the dance. With upbeat Latin music in the background and well-crafted choreography, it felt undemanding to be active. As I loved Zumba more, I wanted my children to have the same fun experience while staying mobile. 

At first, I was reluctant to enroll them to Zumba classes thinking that they might not be able to catch the dance steps and afterwards feel embarrassed if they do so. Fortunately, all the instructors were very understanding, patient, and eager to help or assist them as they dance. I knew that my children weren’t fond of dancing, most especially with a group, thinking that they are uncoordinated. But after two sessions, they were very eager in going to their classes. Thanks to the Zumba program for Kids, they found a new hobby that involved their mind and their whole body to be active for an hour and thirty minutes. 

In this program, children aged seven to eleven years old are exposed to intensity dance routines suitable to their abilities, social games and activities, and lastly, cultural learning because of the elements incorporated in the dance. Initially, my kids were scheduled twice a week, but because they were really amused of the routines, they went to the studio four times every week. From cough potatoes, they turned into eager beavers for dance and fitness. 

There are many benefits of having regular sweat sessions with Zumba. First, I saw that my children were able to channel their energy into something more positive and useful. We all know that our youngsters tend to be restless and impatient at times, so why not encourage them to express themselves through dance. Unconsciously, their bodies become stronger, slimmer, and flexible throughout the classes. 

Additionally, they developed a better hand, eye, and foot coordination. This dance workout required them to follow stops which needs control; thus enabling them to be conscious of every hand flick, arm reach, leg kick, and hip sway. In return, they find it less awkward to move their body and feel more confident in every action they make.  

Zumba also prompted my children to learn how to socialize and communicate. Before, they were just hiding in front of high-lit screens and now, they are able to face individuals in the same age group. Because of this newly-found interest, they acquired the skill of creating new relationships. My kids found a new audience for their thoughts and actions other than social media and I am really happy that they now have more friends. 

Not only did these workshops benefitted them, but they also positively affected mothers like me. On weekends, Zumba became our quality time, as we all go as a family to the studio and the dance the day away. We enjoy each other’s company more and learn more about ourselves in a span of two hours or less. Other than this, busy moms like myself are given a break from all the babysitting. We can use this time to run errands or to pamper ourselves with a massage. 

At first, I wanted my children to be physically and mentally fit and healthy. But after one summer of these classes, I realized that both my children and I were able to support, respect, and love each other more. And as a mother, I’d want nothing more than that. 

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