A Beginner’s Guide to your First Ever Pilates Class in Fitzroy North

Starting any form of physical activity can be quite intimidating, especially if you have zero experience in exercising. We are often clueless about things that we should or shouldn’t do. The same confusion comes when we join our first ever Pilates class.

You may have been invited by a friend to come join a Pilates class, or you’ve made the wise decision of getting toned and fit without being overly dependent on dieting.

From an outsider’s perspective, Pilates may look easy but it’s actually an intense exercise discipline that requires physical and mental preparation. It tones the muscles, strengthens the core, enhances flexibility, and even promises to help speed up weight loss.

Before you sign up for your first ever Pilates class in the best Pilates class in Fitzroy North, there are a few things that you need to remember. Some are basic etiquette while some are very specific to Pilates practitioners only. It’s also imperative to follow these dos and don’ts so you can maximize the benefits of joining Pilates in the long run.

Good Technique is Key to Pilates

Proper technique is key if you want to make the most of your Pilates class. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best Pilates class in Fitzroy North, if you are unable to execute the movements property you may find yourself not noticing any change over time, or worse get injured while in class.

Focus on mastering the technique, so you can slowly see the positive changes to your body and skills. We’re not perfect, so go easy if you commit mistakes during the first few repetitions.

Believe me, Pilates is a tough workout regimen. I felt sore and aching all over after my first class but over time I was able to get the technique right and started experiencing positive changes, including an improvement in my core strength, endurance, mobility, and many more.

Improper technique results in injuries due to the imbalances and compensations that your body adapts to during movements.

Remove Any Misconceptions about Pilates

There are many misconceptions regarding Pilates, with majority being nothing but false claims and statements by people who never really got to try it our first hand. Before joining the best Pilates class in Fitzroy North, I did have my own misconceptions about Pilates – that it’s the perfect exercise for me as it is designed for older people.

The truth of the matter is that Pilates is a workout discipline that benefits men and women across all ages. More men and women in their 20s and 30s practice Pilates due to its many challenging movements.

It is just as effective as more rigorous exercises at your traditional gym. The only difference is that Pilates makes use of a different set of techniques, movements, and equipment. Pilates can be tailored fit to match your needs or preferences. It can be as gentle but effective as you want it to be, or intense if you want it to be.

Here are a Few Reminders for Pilates Newbies

• Be a YES Man or Woman

Exercise is all about challenging your body. You enrolled at a Pilates class because you want to learn new ways to improve your physical fitness and wellness. If an instructor asks you to show him or her how to pull off a certain movement, make sure to say YES and proceed with the movement.

Saying NO or constantly refusing to challenge your body won’t give you the progress you desire. During my first few weeks in Pilates, I took baby steps and stood up to the challenges that my instructor raised to me. I took all of them by stride and over time, I was looking for more advanced movements that can get me closer to my goals.

• Small Changes Lead to Major Progress

Don’t expect a dramatic change on how you look and feel after your first Pilates try. Even the best Pilates class in Fitzroy North can’t give you the toned body that you want after your first few classes. Your body will undergo small but progressive changes with consistent Pilates classes.

Of course, we all have fitness goals: we want to get that trimmed waist and toned abs, but we can’t accomplish these things right away. Just focus on improving your technique and perfecting every movement.

We hope these gentle reminders can motivate you and increase your excitement for your first ever session in the best Pilates class in Fitzroy North.

Buying A Treadmill For Beginners

Everyone knows that a treadmill is a go-to gym equipment. It’s one of the first things people commonly use whenever you start your workout.

I, myself, am a big fan of treadmills for the same reasons people love them. The benefits of using a treadmill are simply endless. This is why I decided to get one for myself.

Why Get a Treadmill?

One of the major reasons why I decided to get a treadmill at home is because there are days that I prefer to work out at home than go to the gym.

Let’s admit it, it’s a lot less stressful when you don’t have a bunch of strangers exercising right beside you. Not only do they distract me, but there are days that I feel insecure about my body.

Another reason why I considered getting one is that I don’t have to halt my workout routine whenever there’s rain or traffic outside.

Simply having one at home is so convenient that I don’t have to worry about how I’ll get to the gym when it’s raining hard.

Lastly, I realize that having equipment at home can save me a lot of money in the future provided that I use them all the time.

If I have the equipment I need, then I don’t have to pay for a gym membership or parking whenever I hit the gym. Plus, I can easily save time by not braving the traffic of the city.

How to Look for the Best Treadmill in Melbourne

If my reasons for getting a treadmill have convinced you to get one yourself, then you probably want to do a little research before you swipe your credit card and make a big purchase.

Buying a treadmill in Melbourne can be intimidating since there are a lot of models to consider. I recommend thinking about these things before you buy:

1. Budget

First, of course, is the budget. Let’s be realistic here, if you don’t have the budget, then it’s best not to buy a treadmill at all. And even if you do have the money for it, it’s still wise to buy something that is worth its price.

If you want to buy affordable treadmills, I suggest you buy online. Treadmills often go with discounts, warranties, or free shipping at the least so you can make sure you pay less than you would when you buy at a physical store.

2. Space

The next factor is space. Because I live in Melbourne, my apartment is not as spacious as those who live in suburban areas. Buying a treadmill can take up a lot of space at home, so you have to make sure that it isn’t too bulky.

Where you put it also matters. Ideally, you place it on the side so you don’t have to walk around it. It won’t also pose as an obstruction to your living space. You can also place it beside the sofa by the wall so it can easily face your TV if you have one.

3. Functionality

It follows that when the treadmill has a lot of functions, it will also be more expensive. As for me, I only need a treadmill that calculates my heart rate and the calories I burned.

So I just bought the basic model since I don’t need all the extras. In the end, I was able to maximize the use of my treadmill and feel good that I didn’t spend so much on it.

There are many treadmills out there, but the best way to find one is to know what you are looking for in this type of equipment. It would also help to know how many times you will use it in a week.

Indoor Cricket As A Great Winter Sport

For active athletes like me, winter time does not mean an end to playing sports. As a cricket player, I find that the indoor version of the game is even more exciting than the outdoor sport. A round of indoor cricket allows me to sweat it out while the temperatures are low, which is why I regularly spend time at the nearest indoor cricket stadium.

These stadiums have a rectangular court with an artificial grass surface, enclosed by netting 4 meters high. The stumps and the pitch are also the same dimensions. It was developed in the end of 1970s, when changes to the outdoor version of the sport made it a success. Compared to outdoor cricket, it is much more inclusive and can be played by professional cricketers and beginners alike. Even my children join a game or two and can really play with adults. My favorite part is that it can be played all year round, whether the sun is shining or it is raining.

Highlights Of Indoor Cricket

Active participation is a huge part of indoor cricket. The outdoor version is normally dominated by top players, with others just standing idle on the boundary line. On the other hand, this version allows everyone to bowl and bat, which is why every single player gets to run around and sweat. The ball is not as hard as the regular cricket ball and it does not require as much skill or fitness (meaning no one has to run a hundred yards to get the ball nor do they have to throw it over the same distance). Because of the softer ball, I do not need as much protective gear.

The game can be scored in a few ways and each game has 2 innings. Each inning will last 16 overs, meaning each of the 6 players of the 2 sides will be able to bowl 2 overs. Each batsman will face 4 overs. Some indoor stadiums may have 8 players on each side, so the conditions and rules will differ a little. Moreover, because of the smaller court size, the players are never too far away to be involved in the game nor am I too exhausted from having to run too much.

Despite the differences between indoor and outdoor cricket, even professional cricketers can enjoy the games in the stadium when the summer season (and cricket season) is over. This way, they can stay active and fit even during winter time, even be able to hone their skills in preparation for the next season.

Scoring An Indoor Cricket Game

There are 2 areas of scoring an indoor cricket, physical and bonus runs. The first runs are scored by the 2 batsmen who complete a run from one crease all the way to the other. On the other hand, bonus runs get scored when a ball hits the net. Specifically, bonus scores are differentiated by the zones.

Hitting Zone A or the front net behind the keeper nets 0 runs, but 1 run is awarded at Zone B or the side net between the striker’s end and half of the way down the pitch. Zone C, or the side nets between the halfway point and the bowler’s end, gives 2 runs. Hitting Zone D, or the back net behind the bowler nets 4 runs if the ball hits on the bounce and 6 runs on the full. From Zone B or C to Zone D gives 3 runs. However, a physical run has to be scored for a bonus run to be scored.

The winner is the team that has a higher score at the end of each inning, and the second inning will continue for the full 16 overs even when the batting side surpasses the total of the first innings.

As an active sportsman, indoor cricket is my favorite game to play during winter. This active and exciting game will ensure every player gets a chance to play, so I am truly able to reap all the benefits of exercise during the game.