Getting a Skin Clinic Facial During an Acne Breakout – Here’s What I Found Out!

Facials seem to be a staple of skin care for most women – and it looks like I’m a little late in the game. The truth is that I’m afraid of getting a facial because I’m prone to acne breakouts. Plus I had this idea that facials can actually make breakouts worse. After a little bit of research however, I was surprised to find out I was wrong.

Acne-Friendly Facials

After a bit of research, I found out that there are facials specially made to help with acne breakouts. My favorite skin clinic in Hoppers Crossing area offers “Acne Treatment Facial” and it works best for small pimples that bother you but don’t hurt that much.

So yeah, for those who have inflammatory pimples (red and sore breakouts), this facial may not be the best bet. Fortunately, my acne is non-inflammatory so the skin clinic was happy to give me my acne treatment facial.

I’m really glad the specialist warned me against facials if I have inflamed pimples. This shows that they care more about the client than the profit. 

Here’s What I Got

The acne treatment itself is a dream and I was able to relax while the esthetician worked her magic. They had me fill out a form with very detailed questions and after that, she had me prep up for the facial:

Deep Cleansing

The cleansing process is very satisfying, especially since I came in with a little bit of makeup on my face. I guess I should have expected that it needs to be removed before anything is done on my skin. The cleanser itself has a very clean smell and feels great on the skin.

Steam Treatment

This one surprised me a little. The steam is supposed to soften the pores so any blockages on the surface can be quickly removed. The esthetician asked me multiple times about the heat because it can be too hot for some people.


I’ve always been afraid of exfoliating because too much makes me break out quickly. With the skin clinic however, they used a product that worked really well. I didn’t’ feel any sting on the skin at all – something that usually happens when I use my store-bought exfoliant.


Okay, this is the tough part. They start to remove all the blackheads, whiteheads, and other icky stuff on the face. Nothing sophisticated here – they literally squeeze the stuff out of the skin.

It’s a little painful if you’re not used to it, and I’m certainly not! Admittedly, I had to grit my teeth a few times through the process but you can always tell your esthetician if it’s too painful.


After all that hard work, a mask is placed on my face to cool the skin down. They leave it there for a few minutes. The mask smells great and the waiting period lets me just relax on the bed. When they washed out the mask, my skin felt wonderfully plump and hydrated.

Toner and Moisturizer

Finally, they put toner and then moisturizer on my skin. I think they also added some sunscreen for protection. I noticed that all through the steps, the products they used on my face aren’t very fragrant. Considering how my skin is sensitive – I’m really glad the clinic made that conscious effort for acne treatment facial.

My Results – Is It Any Good?

I’m not going to lie – my face felt a little sore after the extraction – but the following steps helped me get over the initial pain. As soon as the facial ended, I checked myself out on the mirror and the results are immediate!

I was told to only touch my face with clean hands – otherwise the whole facial could be ruined. I had to wait until I got home to feel how it affected my skin, and it was great.

I have to say that my acne started to clear up pretty quickly after that treatment. Definitely getting one again soon!