A Relaxing Short Cruise Around Melbourne

As you may know, Melbourne is one of the most popular cities to visit in Australia. It is also one of the most populated. This is probably because Melbourne is home to several businesses and is considered a central business district (CBD) where tall buildings surround you. In addition, it has a good share of tourist attractions that people go to each year. The movement of the city simply doesn’t have a pause button. And that is exactly why I was looking for places to relax in that was just in Melbourne. 

I’m not a big fan of going out on weekend getaways just for two days’ worth of relaxation. To me, it causes more stress and anxiety than actually calming my senses after a full week of work. I also didn’t want to feel that I was running out of time in a place and dread having to go to work on Monday. Somehow, I found that weekend getaways do that to you. You get all excited for this trip that you can’t wait for Friday and during the actual trip, you’d immerse yourself fully while at the back of your mind wishing the vacation never ended. 

I wanted to avoid finding myself in that situation so I decided on looking for day trips in Melbourne that would allow me to relax. At first, I was looking at spas, but then again, I can always go to a spa even during weeknights. I was looking for an activity that I couldn’t do during the weekdays because of work. That’s when I came across my physiotherapist’s post. 

My physio posted a blog entry just a few weeks ago talking about a short cruise she had in Melbourne. It turns out that it was a day trip that she took on a Saturday and it made her appreciate her surroundings even more. After looking at my physio’s blog post about a cruise in Footscray, I was inspired to do the same thing.

I never actually experienced going on a cruise, much less going on a day cruise going around the city I was very accustomed to. It never entered my mind that it would bring out something extraordinary because, to me, I experience and see it every day. But as you will read later on, I was very wrong to assume this. 

Since I was inspired to take a short cruise around Melbourne, I went through some cruise companies that toured the river Yarra. The Yarra River is found in Victoria, Australia, but its lower parts extend to Melbourne. I was eyeing that cruise so I looked up several trips online. 

In one of the river cruises I came across, they were offering two options – Cruise A or Cruise B. Both were just an hour each and they were pretty affordable considering that I would go to more than four places in an hour. And because I wanted to explore Melbourne more, I bought both cruise options. 

Cruise A was more of a downstream trip. It was headed towards the port of Melbourne which is actually very important to Australia’s economy. It has one of the busiest ports in the country. While approaching the port, we passed by Southgate and Crown Casino. Crown Casino is the largest hotel and casino and Australia. We also passed by the World Trade Center, Polly Woodside, and the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. These structures were all big and impressive, but nothing impressed me more than the Bolte and Westgate Bridges. It was just a sight to see passing underneath and not just looking at it from a distance. 

Next up was Cruise B. While Cruise A was downstream Cruise B went in the opposite direction. If you’re looking for a scenic trip with nature, then Cruise B is for you because you’d be passing the Yarra River that’s lined with trees and bushes. You would also get a glimpse of the Royal Botanic Gardens where beautiful landscapes and a wide variety of plants and flowers are planted. We also passed several sports centres like the Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Centre, Olympic Park, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

In both cruises, I thought that it was merely for sightseeing. I was wrong again because we had a tour guide that explained to us the history and background of some of Melbourne’s tourist destinations. Coming from someone who lived in Footscray, I didn’t think there was a lot I didn’t know. 

Overall, my short cruise trips were very relaxing. They made me feel like a tourist in my own home and that I could still find relaxation even in a busy city such as Melbourne. The tour guide was funny (laughs make you relax too), the trip was nicely paced, and the company was great. It’s something I would definitely recommend to people who just want to take things a little slower during the weekends. I certainly will be back for this cruise in the future when I have guests visiting from overseas.

What to Do When You Have TMJ Dysfunction

Not everyone is familiar with the TMJ or temporomandibular joint because it can be quite a handful to say. But the TMJ is actually the medical term for what we call as our jaws. 

Our jaws is probably the most used joint in our body aside from our knees and elbows. It’s because the jaw is used for eating, talking, and even showing our emotions (when we grind our teeth or move our jaws to show that we’re angry). Like any other part of the body, it can get overused or injured, too. 

However, I didn’t know that this was the case until I had a toothache. At that time, I thought my teeth on the lower right side were painful because I was growing out a wisdom tooth. If you didn’t know, a wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to grow. They are found in the four corners of your teeth, but sometimes you wouldn’t find them at all. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t grow. In fact, one of the reasons why you should see your quality dentist in Brunswick VIC when you have a toothache is because you might have wisdom teeth that weren’t able to come out of your gums because there’s no space left. Wisdom teeth grow when you’re in your late teens or early twenties. 

Going back, at the time I had a toothache, I thought that it was just because a wisdom tooth was about to grow. But I was wrong when I got an X-ray for my teeth and there were no signs of teeth growing. I’m sure some of you have already experienced this. You went to your dentist, asked for an x-ray because of a toothache only to see that there isn’t any wisdom tooth on its way up. Instead, what your dentist would say is that you have a TMJ dysfunction. 

A TMJ dysfunction or a temporomandibular joint dysfunction is the pain you feel when you have an injury or infection at your TMJ. It is often mistaken as a toothache because it’s near your teeth. A TMJ has two parts – the mandible or lower jaw and the temporal bone which is the socket. There is a disc between the two bones so that they glide smoothly against each other rather than causing friction and aching. A TMJ dysfunction occurs when this disc is displaced or when overuse of the jaws through clenching, grinding and chewing leads to wear and tear. It can also occur when you have poor cervical posture or when you experience too much stress.

Now, why did I suddenly give you a crash course on the TMJ dysfunction? This is because you have to understand why it is different from a toothache so that you know how to treat it unlike me. When I had a TMJ dysfunction, I went to my dentist and ended up still not knowing why my jaws hurt.

During the course of a few weeks, I’ve noticed that the pain decreased a lot. Of course, this was accompanied by pain killers for the days that the pain was unbearable. What I found great about this treatment is that it isn’t only on the healing side of diseases and injuries, but it is also a preventive measure for future cases. Take, for example, my case. I got TMJ dysfunction because I always overuse my jaws when clenching and grinding my teeth. When I took physiotherapy, not only was this habit of mine slowly corrected, but it was also called out by my physical therapist so that whenever I tend to do that, I would stop. To add to that, physiotherapy also gave me advice on what I can do to prevent this from happening again. One of the advice she gave me was to slowly chew my food (sounds simple, right?) and break them down into smaller pieces before I put them in my mouth. This way it would be gentler to my teeth and my jaw. 

Never disregard any pain or discomfort in your oral cavity. Whether it be a tooth decay, gum problem or any tooth-related issue. TMJ is always possible and thus it would be helpful to address the issue at the earliest time.